Be Empty

Losing the self to be the Self

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O !  heart of my heart my beloved sweet heart
will you please accept my humble oblation.


O !  power of creation
I take refuge unto Thee
sincerely and whole heartedly,
I know – I know nothing listen.


O !  infinite one you are everything,
I bow unto thy countless feet,
show thy eternal face you are ‘No Body’
free from limitation.


O !  father of none, one alone,
let all the actors of thy creation
follow you strictly on every walk of life,
please protect them and guide.


O !  beautiful one beyond sound,
all are moving in you on and on,
helplessly tossing in thy invention
where I see mono-syllable OM.


O !  life of all, hell and heaven,
for them you are the only liberation.
You are very near yet far unknown,
expose to them who explore within.


O !  cream of all dust my chum,
mosque, church, temple I know none,
thy mouthpiece I am, this is known -
my every pulsation pays you salutation.


O !  faultless ruler I hear thy command -
we are all one from time unknown,
my supreme lord ye are everything, Truth -
I will convey to entire creation.


O !  scintilla my heart please listen,
ignorance separated us from you,

Let veil ego be our humble oblation -
burn it completely and blaze in all.

- OM -



scintilla /sIn"tIl@/
•n. a tiny trace or amount: not a scintilla of doubt.
– ORIGIN C17: L. ‘spark’.












         He who will earnestly aspire in the silence from the core of the heart to become one with the Lord, to such a dedicated aspirant this book ‘BED CROW’ will certainly prove to be a master key to unlock the eternal gate.  Realising My infinite protection and guidance, he will make his own way and will reach Me in no time without any effort.  This is one of My greatest mysteries.  This, My highest blessing, only a few chosen sincere devotees can enjoy, no others.  This is the truth.






It is obvious that the tendency of this modern world (ego) is rapidly declining towards disaster in the name of Peace.  To specify on device of the aggressor ego and its ridiculous, utmost attempt to derogate Omnipresent Truth (Mind)* is nothing but hypochondria.  Observing these miserable ups and downs, this attitude of objectified ego, the blubbing eyes of aspirants cry for help.

         To bring the issue to the notice of curious onlookers, ‘Bed Crow’ came into existence.  To depurate ignorant world (ego) and for Self-realisation, ego must change its objective habits to subjective (Mind)*.

         Tears that dreams are made of, with this special magic will be healed up completely before aspirants claim a cure, Bed Crow further adds at the end.


* Editor's note:   Later in the book, Sri Tirtha Lal introduces this concept of   the  'Mind'  minus any contents as being synonymous with the supreme emptiness and truth, as indicated here.












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